is a Digital Garden.

See Plants, aka Active Projects

Plants are personal projects, like writing, photography, and the occasional illustration. They’re what make my garden beautiful. Each project has a 🪴 growth stage that describes how far along it is.

See Roots, aka Ideas & Process

Roots contain the messy processes behind my projects, like wiki notes and streams of consciousness. They’re the underlying ideas that support my garden. They’re labelled to differentiate from projects.

Changelog 🪵

Alternative blogging research notes
Created this post about alternative blogging platforms.
QR codes and restaurant menus essay
This topic has been on my mind for over a year, and it's complicated.
'Neutral' in surveys is important, but wrong stream of consciousness
I found an exciting new hill to die on while building a survey at work.
On the cozy web, who are you? stream of consciousness
Added a section on identity as a brand. Still thinking through this.
Cheugy is proof we're in a post-fashion world essay
Started to revise some wording and and pulled in Mina Le's video. Thinking through the outline structure and wondering if I need to flip some sections around.