Hi! I’m Alisa Bacon. I’m a womxn who lives in Seattle, the land of the Duwamish Coast Salish, Stillaguamish, and Suquamish peoples. I think a lot, work a lot, have existential crises, and know just enough about making websites to make me dangerous. I enjoy writing, reading, taking pictures, coding, playing music, and observing & participating in internet culture. I’m a designer by profession and love having a problem to solve.

alisa.wtf is a digital garden that serves as a platform for my learning and creative pursuits. It’s a hybrid between a creative portfolio / blog / note-taking app, with no goal beyond giving myself some structure to create more. Designing and developing this website is also a creative outlet in itself, but my intention is always for it to be utilitarian rather than a work of art – I am (and always will be) a human-centered designer at heart. To that end, if you have any feedback, email me and I’d love to hear it.

I started coding this site in December 2021. If you want to know more about how I built this site both technically and philosophically, check out the meta page.